Chocolate Kratom Powder


If the name of this one-of-a-kind Kratom strain has sparked your interest, you are not the only one! However, it’s not the name that makes this strain appealing to many users. The strong sedative effects of this Kratom have made it a valuable remedy for all those struggling with chronic pain or sports injuries.




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What Is Chocolate Kratom Powder

This may come as a surprise, but Chocolate Kratom Powder has nothing to do with chocolate. Or cocoa, for that matter. The word chocolate comes from its color and not the taste, so if you are hoping to consume some chocolate-tasting Kratom, you will have to mix this powder with some chocolate milk or a chocolate smoothie. 

So, what is Chocolate Kratom Powder? It’s a strain with a rather specific production process that makes the powder darker than in any other strain. Chocolate Kratom is made of red-veined Kratom leaves that have been fermented, and subsequently, their color has shifted from green to reddish-brown.

How Is Chocolate Kratom Made

The exact process of making Chocolate Kratom Powder is unique in many ways. Chocolate Kratom is one of the rare Kratom strains that are not only dried but fermented as well.  

After harvesting only the best and biggest red-veined leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree, our Indonesian farmers carefully clean and inspect all the leaves before leaving them to dry in the sun.  The drying part of the process is very short, and after only one day, the leaves undergo a fermentation process, in which the strain gets its recognizable brownish hue. 

When the color of the leaves has shifted, the leaves are ground into the finest powder you can find on the market. We then pack the powder in airtight containers and ship it to our distribution center, where it’s packed in convenient and resealable bags, which will preserve the powder’s freshness.

Chocolate Kratom Effects

The special fermentation process makes this Kratom highly potent and ensures that the strain has strong analgesic properties.

Many users reported experiencing strong pain relief after consuming this strain. So if you like recreational activities, like jogging, basketball, or rugby, but often avoid them because you find it difficult to function normally the next day, Chocolate Kratom is the perfect strain for you. 

Chocolate Kratom Powder is also recommended for those struggling with chronic pain or an old sports injury. Moreover, this Kratom can provide mild energy boosts. However, unlike White Maeng Da or Green Bali Kratom, which will ensure strong energy bursts throughout the day, Chocolate Kratom’s energy surges will be followed by a state of deep relaxation.

Red Borneo Kratom Vs. Chocolate Kratom Powder

Both Red Borneo Kratom and Chocolate Kratom have significant pain-reducing properties and can sometimes be used as a replacement for one another. However, there are some differences in the effects of these two Kratom strains.

Red Borneo is often used for mood-elevating purposes and can successfully combat stress and anxiety. So if you suffer from social anxiety or you are experiencing persistent migraines after a long day at work, Red Borneo Powder might be a better choice. 

But if your pain is more difficult to soothe, and you just want to go to bed pain-free, Chocolate Kratom Powder should become a part of your evening routine. You can mix it with cereals, or, if you prefer Chocolate Kratom Capsules, just take a dose before you hit the sack.

Why Should You Buy Chocolate Kratom Powder From Kratom Now

Many other vendors do not seem to care about the origin and the quality of their Kratom products, but we do. We use only premium-quality leaves harvested directly from the Indonesian fields. Kratom Now has even made an exclusive deal with the local farmers to support their livelihood, and in return, they provide their knowledge and experience. Currently, more than a thousand locals are helping us with all our cultivation and harvesting processes.

Moreover, we are a member of the AKA (American Kratom Association) society, so you can rest assured that all our production processes are safe and that we follow the approved guidelines. 

All the products in our online store are 9+ tested by third-party laboratories, and we can guarantee that they are free from all contaminants.  

But the main reason why you should always order from our fully-stocked store is our fast and reliable delivery service. Once you order Chocolate Kratom Powder, it will arrive at your doorstep in 72 hours, or it’s free*!

So do not hesitate. Order your Kratom today!

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