Chocolate Kratom Powder


Kratom that looks like chocolate but isn’t. Although it doesn’t contain any cocoa, this partially-fermented Kratom strain possesses a distinct alkaloid profile with increased potency—all thanks to our tight quality control measures and our dedication to Kratom tradition.


Green Elephant is a green strain rising in popularity over the recent years. It is said to be comparable to Green Thai and Green Horn.




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What Is Chocolate Kratom Powder? Does It Contain Chocolate?

Don’t get too excited—chocolate Kratom does not contain any chocolate or cocoa bean-derived ingredients, and you can’t buy Chocolate Kratom at Hershey Park or any confectionery store. Rather, Chocolate Kratom is a type of partially fermented kratom. 

It’s a type of Kratom from the Bentuangie family of Kratom strains. Bentuangie Kratom strains are known for undergoing partial fermentation methods that have been developed in Southeast Asian tradition.

Why Is It Called Chocolate Kratom?

Now, you may be wondering, “why would anyone even call it Chocolate Kratom then?! Well, just so you know, Kratom businesses aren’t the first industry to use the name of chocolate in vain. For example, scientists often use “chocolate agar” to study certain bacteria. It looks kinda like hot chocolate, and that’s why it gets its name, but what it contains is a lot less appealing. 

Chocolate Kratom gets its name from the rich chocolatey color that it takes on after going through the partial fermentation process. Furthermore, it’s smooth, organic, and plant-derived, so you can say it has more in common with cocoa powder than chocolate labradors, for example. 

How Is Chocolate Kratom Made?

First of all, Kratom is completely natural and comes from the Mitragyna Speciosa tree. Humans don’t make Kratom synthetically, from scratch. The part where people come in has everything to do with the post-harvest processes, such as drying, sanitation, and packaging. To make Chocolate Kratom, the Kratom leaves are first dried, similar to Red Kratom leaves. Afterward, they go through a partial-fermentation process.

The leaves turn a warm reddish-brown, cocoa-powdery hue during this process. Fermentation also increases the Kratom’s potency, bringing out more concentrated alkaloids.

Why Is Chocolate Kratom Rare?

If you’ve ever looked to buy Chocolate Kratom online, you may have discovered that few places sell this Kratom strain. Few vendors even offer much information about Chocolate Kratom. Why is this?

Well, the fermentation process is not suitable for pop-up Kratom stores, opportunists looking to make a quick buck, or novice Kratom sellers. Like any fermented good, fermenting Kratom requires tight quality-control measures and expensive equipment to ensure that the Kratom leaves ferment without becoming contaminated with microbes like mold, bacteria, mildew, or other pathogens. Any time you deal with moisture and plant leaf material, the risk of being compromised by these substances increases.

As you can infer, it’s simply not worth it for many places that sell Kratom to invest in offering Chocolate Kratom. The small Kratom stores that sell Chocolate Kratom may have had to purchase it from a bulk kratom store that provides it. Here at Kratom Now, however, we have what it takes to oversee the quality and lab-test our Chocolate Kratom to assure that it’s as clean as the rest of our Kratom for sale.

Buy Fermented Kratom From A Trusted Kratom Vendor

While the quote, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get” works well in cinema, it’s NOT what you want with a Kratom vendor. As a cautious consumer, you don’t want any surprises in your bag of Chocolate Kratom. It’s far more reassuring to buy Kratom that won’t end up with any mysterious contaminants.

That’s why we lab-test our Chocolate Kratom in small batches and follow Good Manufacturing Practice standards. We keep our facilities clean and air-conditioned, and we follow tightly-controlled sanitary measures. All of these steps help us assure that when customers buy from us, they’re only getting the best Kratom. No adulterants, no contamination, no other ingredients (not even cocoa), and no BS. 

Lastly, we think that the best Kratom should come with fast shipping. So we strive to ship our Kratom within 72 hours or less. If it doesn’t arrive on time, it’s free kratom. No jokes, no gimmicks. So if you’re looking to try a unique and rare Kratom strain, check out this carefully fermented Chocolate Kratom powder. 


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