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Bali, one of the most exotic islands in Indonesia, is home to this tropical and quite unique strain. Green Bali Powder is perfect for those who seek good value for money since this Kratom product is among the more affordable ones. In addition to saving you money, this strain will help you relax and improve your overall motivation. 




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Green Bali Kratom Origin and Characteristics

Like many other Kratom varieties, Bali Kratom can be found in three primary colors – white, green, and red. It is believed that all three types originate from the Indonesian island of Bali, hence the name. However, there are some claims that Sumatra and Borneo islands are the true points of this Kratom’s origin. 

Yet, it’s not the origin that makes Green Bali interesting. Green Bali is comprised of different green-veined leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa, a tree from the coffee family. Unlike other Kratom strains, its composition can vary, depending on where you obtain it. That’s why it’s crucial to find a reliable vendor that provides only premium Bali Kratom Powder.

How Is Green Bali Powder Made

Drying is the most distinguishing part of Green Bali’s production. After being stored in completely dark, temperature-regulated rooms for 24 hours, the leaves are taken out and exposed to the scorching sun for no more than 60 minutes. During that hour, the alkaloid levels will become stable and remain unchanged for the rest of the production process, which mostly focuses on drying the Kratom until there is no moisture left.

When the Kratom leaves are thoroughly dried, we crush them into a fine powder and pack them in airtight containers which guarantees the powder will remain fresh for longer.

Green Bali Kratom Effects

This powder has been widely known as one of the Kratom strains with high alkaloid concentrations. This means that its effects can be both stimulating and relaxing, depending on the dosage you opt for.

If you are seeking serenity after a long business day, this strain is the one for you. And in addition to helping you relax, Green Bali Kratom Powder can help you feel more motivated and happy.

Moreover, this strain can positively affect your levels of energy, but not in a way that you’ll feel overwhelmed or become jumpy. As with other types of Kratom, for this one you should also stick to this general rule – more Kratom for sedation and pain relieving purposes and less for stimulation and balance. 

Green Bali Vs. Green Indo Kratom

Green Bali Powder and Green Indo Kratom Powder come from the Green Vein family, and both can be suitable for those looking for moderately potent Kratom Strains. However, there are certain differences when it comes to the effects they have.

Green Bali is known to positively affect cognitive functions such as spatial and visual abilities or attention. And due to its high alkaloid profile, this strain has been cherished among those who already have an established Kratom routine.

Green Indo Kratom Powder can help you feel more serene and less anxious. And since it’s mostly mild, the chances of it inducing severe sleepiness are rather slim, unlike with some other, stronger Kratoms.

Why Buy Green Bali From Kratom Now

Not all vendors can ensure that Kratom arrives at your address shortly after being produced. Although it cannot go bad, the truth is that Green Bali Powder loses a bit of its potency with every day that passes. That’s why we made an exclusive partnership with Bali farmers, who ship us the Kratom immediately after turning it into a powder so that we can properly pack it and make it available for sale.

Moreover, our one-of-a-kind delivery service will ensure that all your orders come in 72 hours or less. In case that doesn’t happen, your tardy Kratom becomes free Kratom.

Additionally, Kratom Now is a proud member of the American Kratom Association GMP program, which means that everything we do, from growing and harvesting our Kratom to processing and packing complies with the stringent rules this organization enforces.

So, whether you are craving your favorite Kratom Powder or any other powder from our diverse collection, place your order today and become a member of Kratom Now’s growing family.

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