Yellow Gold Kratom Powder


Both Gold and Yellow Kratoms have their advantages, and fans often cannot decide which one is their favorite. So if you are having difficulties choosing between the two,  you’re in for a treat. Yellow Gold Kratom is a well-balanced blend that will provide pain relief, energy boosts, and even improve your mental performance.




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What Is Yellow Gold Kratom

Yellow Gold Kratom is a powerful fusion of Yellow and Gold Kratom strains, and it falls into a special category of very unique strains that are hard to obtain. And if you are lucky enough to get your hands on some, you should be prepared for its strong effects. 

The potency of Yellow Gold comes from its specific chemical composition, whose most important elements are mature, underdeveloped Mitragyna speciosa leaves. 

When it comes to similarity with other strains, Yellow Gold is like no other, but some Kratom fans say it can be described as something between Green and Red Kratom strains. 

How We Make Yellow Gold Kratom Powder

The production process of Yellow Gold Kratom Powder can be tricky, but we found a way to produce a high-quality powder that will ensure strong effects.

After carefully picking only the smallest, immature Kratom leaves from our Indonesian plantations, we meticulously clean them from dirt and contaminants. The leaves are then spread in very thin layers on custom-made drying racks. 

The temperature and humidity in the drying rooms are strictly monitored and the leaves are turned over several times a day so that each leaf is thoroughly dried before being exposed to direct sunlight. 

Sun exposure part of the process is repeated daily for one week, and each sun-drying cycle lasts no more than an hour. 

When the leaves start changing their color, the process is almost over, and the only thing left to do is to grind the leaves into a premium powder that we later pack and sell as Yellow Gold Kratom Powder. 

Yellow Gold Kratom Effects

The most notable effect of Yellow Gold is its strong pain alleviation. Whether you are recovering from a sports injury, have a bad back, or suffering from chronic migraines, this strain is there to help you. Even when taken in smaller doses, Yellow Kratom will inevitably improve the quality of your life. 

This potent strain is also believed to help relieve anxiety and boost cognitive functions, such as visual and spatial abilities. Some of our most loyal customers have long been using it to improve attention span and concentration before important exams. 

Another great benefit of this strain is reflected in its energizing effects. After using Yellow Gold Kratom Powder, coffee will become a thing of the past. Strong energy surges will help you be more active and get more things done throughout the day. 

Yellow Gold Kratom Vs. Yellow Bali Kratom Powder

The spectrum of effects that Yellow Kratom has is wide, but this strain is a perfect choice for those who are hoping to have a pain-free life. Yellow Gold Kratom is a rather strong pain reliever and has sedative properties,  while Yellow Bali can only offer mild pain relief.  

Yellow Bali is more suitable for those looking for natural mood enhancers and something to help them fall asleep in the evening.  So if you are a Kratom newbie, maybe you should start with smaller dosages of Yellow Bali, and later, when you get accustomed to consuming Kratom regularly, you can try the extremely potent Yellow Gold. 

What Makes Kratom Now’s Yellow Gold Kratom Powder Unique

Thanks to the exclusive agreement we made with the local farmers, we harvest our Kratom directly from the Indonesian islands. We established many plantations near the islands’ rivers to improve the irrigation process and the quality of the harvested leaves. The Kratom we use for our products has no flavor enhancers and is additives-free, so you can rest assured that our Yellow Gold is the best in the market.

Moreover, Kratom Now will always go the extra mile to test every small Kratom batch multiple times. All the products in our online store have been 9+ times tested by third-party laboratories and are 100% free of all contaminants. 

Last but not least, we are members of the AKA’s Good Manufacturing Practice program, which makes us certified to produce and sell only high-quality Kratom Powders, Capsules, and Extracts.  

How To Buy Yellow Gold Kratom Powder From Kratom Now?

Only three simple steps are needed to buy Yellow Gold from Kratom Now. Once you have found it on our website, or any other product you like, just choose your preferred pack size, and proceed to the checkout page. It’s that easy.  

Once you have placed your order, your Kratom Powder, Extracts or Capsules will arrive at your address in no more than 72 hours. And if we are late delivering the products you ordered, you get them for free*! Sounds good, doesn’t it? 

So order your Yellow Gold Kratom Powder today!

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