Yellow Gold Kratom Powder


What do you get when you combine a Mellow Gold with a Yellow Bold? This kratom strain.

In other words, as a mixture of yellow and gold batches, our Yellow Gold kratom is the best of both worlds—providing a superior broad-spectrum kratom strain.


Green Elephant is a green strain rising in popularity over the recent years. It is said to be comparable to Green Thai and Green Horn.




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What Is Yellow Gold Kratom?

You’ve heard of Beck’s album, “Mellow Gold,” but have you heard of our unique Kratom strain, “Yellow Gold?” Maybe you have, maybe you haven’t. It gets tricky in the Kratom world sometimes. Our Yellow Gold Kratom is what it sounds like—a mixture of yellow Kratom and gold Kratom strains. 

Of course, its name may invoke images of sunshine and kicking it back on the beach. This is because Yellow Gold Kratom possesses a fuller spectrum of alkaloids than other color varieties, which makes it balanced across the board.

We can anticipate your next question—well, what’s the difference between yellow Kratom and gold Kratom? And why would you mix them together? Well, do not fear, hold onto your sunhats—we’re gonna get there. 

Yellow Kratom Vs. Gold Kratom Vs. Yellow Gold Kratom

What is the difference between Gold and Yellow Kratom? While both Gold and Yellow strains are similar in terms of their drying processes, there is one slight difference that affects the alkaloid profiles significantly.

Yellow Kratom is typically made from White Kratom, while Gold Kratom comes from Red Kratom. However, it’s not exactly what it sounds like. You don’t just take some White Kratom leaves and paint them yellow or whatever.

  1. Yellow Kratom leaves undergo first the same steps used to produce White Kratom (typically indoor drying in little to no light, sometimes fluorescent light. However, White Kratom leaves are not typically exposed to full-spectrum light/sunlight).
  2. Gold Kratom leaves start off similar to red kratom leaves (they are exposed to full-sun or full-spectrum incandescent light but use different lengths of drying times).
  3. Next, the leaves are slightly fermented in sunlight, but not for as long as fermented Red Kratom strains.

So, now you have it. Gold Kratom strains have more in common with Red Vein kratom, while Yellow Kratom strains have more in common with White Vein kratom. Both Yellow and Gold kratom have their own unique similarities as well.

Why Combine Yellow And Gold Kratom?

If you were to picture the Kratom Vein Color spectrum, Yellow Kratom would possess a set of alkaloids that include those found in White Kratom, Green Kratom, and some Red Kratom. Gold Kratom would contain more alkaloids on the red side of the spectrum, with others that are similar to Green Bali. Both have alkaloid concentrations that the other one doesn’t, and both have some alkaloids that overlap each other. (Remember Venn diagrams?)

When you mix Gold Kratom and Yellow Kratom together, it increases the concentration of mid-range alkaloids that overlap between the two strains and also fills out the profile of alkaloids that are found more in one strain than the other. The result is similar to a full-spectrum Kratom strain but with a maximum amount of the “sunshine” alkaloids that you get in both Yellow and Gold Kratom.

Our Yellow Gold Is Fresh

Okay, so maybe our rhyming skills aren’t as good as Beck’s, but there’s no use dwelling on it. Anyway, the key thing to takeaway here is that our Yellow Gold Kratom is pretty fre$h. 

Why? Because we make sure that it is. We regularly lab-test our Kratom batches and keep all of our equipment tidy. We don’t want any falling wax ending up in our kratom powders—nor any termites, bacteria, or anything else. We believe in selling 100% pure Mitragyna Speciosa that is carefully and sustainably sourced.

In addition to lab-testing, we follow Good Manufacturing Process standards, as we believe Kratom products should ultimately be regulated to prevent contaminated or adulterated products from reaching customers. But for now, we do what we can to make ourselves one of the best places to buy Kratom online. That’s why we guarantee fast shipping on all of our Kratom orders within three days or less. And if the delivery takes over 72 hours, your Kratom is free. 

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