Green Borneo Kratom Powder


Green Borneo Kratom Powder is a strain that is well-loved in the kratom community because of the balanced and rich alkaloid profile that it provides to the user. This strain is great for new and returning users as it is commonly available and is known to provide a pleasant experience. If you are looking to try a new strain or are looking for a green-veined kratom strain, then the Green Borneo may be a great option for you.


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Green Borneo Kratom – Strain Overview

Green Borneo Kratom is made from green-veined kratom leaves. These leaves have passed the initial point of maturity as white-veined kratom and are picked before they can begin to transition to red-veined or peak maturity. These leaves offer a median concentration of alkaloids but are still robust to the user. 

Green Borneo Kratom is grown in Borneo. This island country offers a tropical climate where the kratom trees can flourish year-round in warm weather with frequent rainfall. While these trees can be found growing in the wild parts of the forests, they are mostly found on large farms where the quality and consistency of the leaves produced can be closely monitored by skilled farmers with years of experience. 

Once the leaves are harvested, they are then washed by hand with freshwater and taken to indoor drying racks. Here they can be protected from further temperature variations or direct sunlight that would cause the alkaloid profile of concentration to be altered. They can then be packaged in airtight, sealed containers and sent to Kratom Now’s processing facilities for lab testing and the creation of powders and capsules. 

What Is Green Borneo Kratom?

Green Borneo Kratom utilizes green-veined kratom leaves that are grown in Borneo to create this strain. Since these leaves are picked midway through their growing cycle, they contain a median concentration of the key alkaloids mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragnine which are the components that provide kratom with their potency. While these leaves may be an in-between the white-veined and red-veined kratom, they offer a balanced alkaloid profile that is still robust and enjoyable. 

Why Purchase From Kratom Now?

Kratom Now offers an unprecedented shipping policy that guarantees your products arrive in 72-hours or it’s FREE. This specific policy is unheard of and lets you get your products faster. We have an amazing customer service team that works to support you throughout your order process to ensure that all your questions are answered. 

Kratom Now also follows Good Manufacturing Principles which are provided to us as recommendations from the American Kratom Association. We also perform strict testing on our fresh kratom leaves to ensure they are free from any harmful bacteria, pesticides, mold, contaminants, or added chemicals. This leaves our kratom customers with kratom that is 100% pure, safe, and fresh. 

Buying Green Borneo

Green Borneo is a well-loved strain in the kratom world that has a longstanding reputation. At Kratom Now, we keep Green Borneo in stock so that we can provide this strain and many others in a variety of sizes for you to try. You can then get the right amount of kratom for your specific needs. 

We offer our Green Borneo Kratom Powder in 250 gram, 500 gram, 750 gram, and 1 kg sizes to choose from. 

Similar Strains

Green Borneo kratom is a very popular strain because of the robustness of the alkaloids and the balanced content within. There are many green-veined kratom products on the market, but if you loved the Green Borneo then you may like these as well. 

Green Sumatra

The Green Sumatra is known for being an aromatic green-veined kratom that is grown in Sumatra. This kratom has a bright green color and smells of freshly cut grass. It has comparable alkaloid contents and profiles since it also comes from green-veined kratom leaves but does offer the unique traits that Sumatra provides. 

Green Bali

Grown on the island of Bali, this green-veined kratom is another very popular strain. It has similar alkaloid contents as it is made from the same green-veined kratom leaves but does offer a distinct profile that makes it stand out. 

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