Green Borneo Kratom Powder


Borneo’s humid climate and a fair amount of rainfall throughout the year ensure that Green Borneo Kratom has the perfect conditions to thrive and produce only premium quality leaves for our powder. This strain has a very high alkaloid concentration which makes it more potent than most other Kratom Powders. 




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How Is Green Borneo Kratom Powder Made

All our green-veined strains, including the Green Borneo Kratom, are carefully pruned in the middle of the plant’s growth cycle. After hand-picking the leaves, our hardworking farmers clean the Kratom and prepare it for parching.

The leaves are dried in special facilities with strong UV lights, where the room temperature is strictly monitored. During the drying process, our workers meticulously turn the leaves over several times a day. Careful execution of this production step is crucial since this is the time alkaloid levels become stable and determine the potency of the Kratom.

Finally, completely dry leaves are crushed into powder and sent to our delivery facilities, where we pack the Kratom Powder into our recognizable and nifty bags.

Green Borneo Kratom Effects

Green Borneo Powder is widely-known as a long-lasting strain, so you will feel its benefits for longer. Also, that means that you will have to take less powder at a time to feel better.

This Kratom Powder will help you fight fatigue, arthritis, and lack of efficiency in performing daily tasks. Users also reported that consuming this particular strain improved their mood and focus and helped them feel more positive about themselves.

Moreover, Kratom aficionados recently started using Green Borneo Kratom to deal with insomnia, depression, and even PTSD. In higher doses, it will also help with pain reduction.

Red Borneo Vs. White Borneo Kratom Vs. Green Borneo Kratom Powder

Red Borneo Powder is one of the best Kratoms in the market for pain relief. Whether you have a simple headache, an old sports injury, or a bad back, Red Borneo should be your top choice. And what’s best, even smaller amounts of this powder will improve your quality of life while staying on a budget.

White Borneo Powder is perfect if you are looking for something to give you more energy and euphoria. No need to drink coffee out of a bucket anymore – even a smaller amount of this Kratom will get you where you want to be. However, this particular strain won’t do you any good if you are hoping to relieve strong chronic pain. For this particular purpose, you may want to turn to some red-veined varieties, such as Red Maeng Da or Red Borneo Kratom.

Green Borneo Powder is the most balanced Kratom of the three, and its effects can vary from energy boosts and clear focus to pain relief. The dosage you choose to take, as well as how accustomed you are to this Kratom strain, will determine which of the effects you are going to feel. 

Why Should I Buy Green Borneo Kratom Powder From Kratom Now

What sets us apart from other Kratom vendors is that we actually have direct access to the Kratom plants and their fields. We made an exclusive deal with local farmers to support their efforts and livelihood, and in return, we get only the freshest Green Borneo Kratom Powder that is always available in our e-store.

All the Kratom leaves in our products are of premium quality, hand-picked, carefully dried, and shipped to our delivery facilities immediately after being made.

Moreover, we follow all the rules and regulations AKA (American Kratom Association) has proposed in order to regulate Kratom cultivation, production, and commerce. We support their goal and are more than happy to say that Kratom Now is a member of their Good Manufacturing Practice program.

Still not convinced? Then we recommend using the trial and error method. Order from Kratom Now today, and we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with the excellent quality of our products. We also guarantee fast and impeccable delivery. If your Kratom doesn’t arrive in 72 hours, you get it for FREE*.

So go ahead and order your Green Borneo Kratom Powder today! 

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