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Directly from Thailand, we bring you a captivating White Thai Kratom – the most desired piece in our stunning portfolio of Kratom Strains. Will this peace of Thai heaven become an excellent new addition to your already versatile Kratom collection? Join us on this Kratom adventure and find out if this is the perfect strain for you.




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White Thai Powder Origin

Thai Kratom is named after the country of its origin, Thailand. However, this White Kratom strain can also be found in other islands in Southeast Asia. It is a unique variety of the favored evergreen plant Mitragyna Speciosa, also known as Kratom.

 Although Kratom can commonly be found in other parts of Southeast Asia, the quality and size of these leaves are not as good as those cultivated in Thailand. Therefore, farmers were forced to grow Kratom on special plots in other areas and combine their native skills with modern knowledge and technology to ensure and stabilize Kratom yields.

When Thailand legalized Kratom in 2018. the farmers got a new chance to revive this valuable plant in its native habitat where the climate effects and soil are the most suitable to produce the Kratom of the highest quality.

So, here at our online shop, you have an exclusive opportunity to shop the Kratom Powder or Capsules that are shipped directly from Thailand. Indulge yourself and order this special Thai treat just for yourself.

White Thai Characteristics

Thai Kratom strains can be found in three primary colors: White, Red, and Green. The color of the leaves depends on how long the leaves were exposed to sunlight. 

The White Thai leaves can differ in size, shape, and color, but all can be easily recognized by the white veins on their leaves and the light greenish hue.

Since these leaves are harvested green, the alkaloid structure is intact and stable. Therefore, a drying technique determines which alkaloid is going to prevail. And the one that stands out is mitragynine.

The White Thai strain is prevalent among newbies, while experienced Kratom enthusiasts are more comfortable with the Red or Green Thai Kratom.

Here at Kratom Now, you can satisfy your taste buds. You can choose not just between Capsules and Kratom Powders but among other strain varieties as well. 

How Is White Thai Kratom Powder Made

We take pride in providing our customers only with high-quality products that are ethically farmed in the indigenous jungles of Thailand. 

To make White Thai Powder, our trustworthy farmers will use only the young kratom trees and hand-pick the youngest green leaves. These leaves have yet to reach their full potential. However, their alkaloid profile is consistent.

Also, during the harvest, we will use advanced cutting techniques to secure that these unscathed branches sprout the next leaf generation.

After harvesting and cleaning, the leaves undergo a unique drying technique, which includes storing them in a dark drafty place until they dry well. This way, the fermentation process is stopped, and the alkaloid structure is preserved. Once the process is complete, the leaves are ground into a fine, smooth powder and shipped to our delivery facilities.

White Thai Kratom Vs. White Dragon Vs. White Borneo Kratom Powder

If you have developed a taste for White Thai, you will undoubtedly want to try White Dragon Kratom and White Borneo Kratom.

  • White Dragon Kratom has more similarities with White Thai than any other strain of Kratom. So, if you don’t want to go overboard but feel ready to try a new strain, you will be delighted with our White Dragon.
  • White Borneo Kratom is another White Vein that shares many common characteristics with the White Thai, especially the growing conditions. If the White Thai Kratom Powder is your fan-favorite strain, you should check out the White Borneo. We know one thing for sure, you won’t be disappointed!

How To Buy White Thai From Kratom Now

Here at Kratom Now, you can buy your preferred Kratom strain quickly and securely, starting with picking the package size. You can choose from 50 grams up to 1 kg. This way, you can decide which quantity is the most suitable for you. The next step is to proceed to checkout, fill out the form, and wait for your order to arrive at your doorstep.

And we can say with great confidence that we have the greatest delivery service in the market. We guarantee that you’ll have your order in 72h, or it is free. You are more than welcome to put us to the test, so hurry up and place your order right now!

And if curiosity gets you along the way, you can always chat with our support team. We are eager to help you whether you have additional questions about the buying process, choosing the right Kratom strain, or its production. Since we continuously aspire to improve our customer service and delivery time, feel free to send us a message or an email and tell us how you feel about our products and services.   

Is Kratom Now’s White Thai Lab Tested?

Absolutely! Kratom Now can proudly say that it sells only White Thai Kratom of premium quality. Each package that comes out of our production facilities is lab tested. 

Furthermore, as a part of the American Kratom Association, Kratom Now is obliged to follow strict rules and stringent regulations when it comes to selecting Kratom farmers, production processes, and packaging.

Each step is strictly controlled, and every lot is tested by a third-party laboratory. You can be 100% assured that the packages that come out of our factory are free of contaminants.


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