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Green Maeng Da is a powerful Kratom strain, very popular in the Kratom community.  Its effects can vary depending on the dosage, but the boosts of energy you’ll experience after consuming it are always guaranteed. If you would like to diversify your Kratom routine, Green Maeng Da is the strain to start with.




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The Origin Of Green Maeng Da Kratom

Kratom is a staple plant that has been an integral part of Asian culture for many centuries. It was mostly used as a traditional energy booster by the indigenous people of Southeast Asia. 

Since it was widely spread all across Thailand’s woodlands, the Kratom plant easily found its way into the daily lives of the locals. Firstly through the potent tea leaves that were sometimes used in village rituals and later as a part of the daily tea routines. Fresh leaves were often used for chewing, and dried ones for making tea.

Unlike most other Kratoms, the name of this strain doesn’t come from the geographical region or the vein family. The Thai expression Maeng Da can be roughly translated as ‘pimp-grade’ or ‘top-grade,’ which refers to Kratom’s top-notch quality and strong effects

How Is Green Maeng Da Powder Made

All green Kratom strains are cultivated in the middle of the Kratom’s life cycle while the plant’s veins are still green. And Green Maeng Da Powder is no different. When the plant reaches desired maturity, all the leaves are hand-picked and carefully cleaned. Subsequently, only the best and biggest leaves are selected for drying.

Our hardworking farmers dry the leaves in special, dark rooms where the moisture levels are strictly controlled. They turn the leaves around several times to ensure that all their parts are dried well.   

The next step in the production process is grinding the leaves into powder and placing the product into airlocked containers, which are then shipped to our distribution facilities. There we pack Green Maeng Da Powder in resealable bags and store the packages until the couriers come to pick them up and deliver them to your address.

Green Maeng Da Powder Alkaloid Profile and Effects

Green Maeng Da has well-balanced levels of two main Kratom alkaloids –  7-hydroxymitragynine, responsible for the strain’s energizing effects, and mitragynine, which acts as a mild sedative. This balance makes it extremely powerful and effective.

The effects of Green Maeng Da Kratom can vary, depending on the dose and the way you consume it. When taken early in the morning and on an empty stomach,  strong surges of energy will follow.  In addition to being energized immediately after waking up, you’ll be more alert and prepared for the day ahead.

If you consume bigger doses of this strain between meals or just before going to bed, Green Maeng Da will provide mild pain relief and even alleviate chronic pain. This is good news for everyone with a bad back or a sports injury since now they can finally get rid of the sharp, throbbing pain that follows them wherever they go.   

Is Kratom Now’s Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder Lab Tested?

We test all our products in independent third-party laboratories. Green Maeng Da Powder you buy at Kratom Now online store is 9+ plus times tested, and we guarantee that it is free of all contaminants.

How To Buy Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder From Kratom Now?

The purchasing process at Kratom Now is quick and simple. In only three steps, you can buy premium-quality Kratom, which will be delivered to your address in less than 3 days. Our top-notch delivery service will make sure that all the products you buy arrive at your doorstep undamaged and in no time.  

Our Green Maeng Da Kratom comes directly from Thailand’s Kratom fields which means it is locally cultivated and processed. This way, we ensure that all our products are not only high-quality but also genuine. There are no additives, flavor enhancers, or other chemicals that most vendors add to their Kratom Powder to hide the poor effects and the lack of potency their Kratom has.   

There are many reasons why we should be your go-to vendor. But the one we are proud of the most is that our Kratom Now community is rapidly growing every day. 

So do not hesitate to order your Maeng Da Powder today, and if it doesn’t arrive in 72 hours, it’s yours for free*!

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