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White Horn Powder Origin

White Horn is one of the most favorite strains in the Kratom community. From Southeast Asia, this plant has spread to the west, especially to the USA, where it has gained much popularity.  

White Horn Kratom is a strain that gets its name from the shape of the leaf. Unlike other varieties, the White Horn leaf is slightly bigger and has horned edges.

The humid tropical climate and fertile soil create perfect conditions for this Kratom plant. However, since the leaves are smaller in the wilderness and the harvest is not always plentiful, this strain of Kratom is produced on designated plots by our knowledgeable farmers.

White Horn Kratom Effects

While the effects of White Horn Kratom are often compared to those of other White Veins, it is nonetheless a strong and versatile strain. White Horn, which is most often associated with its energizing effects, is considered to be the perfect addition to a morning routine because it can provide enough energy and clear focus throughout the day. Additionally, since this strain’s effects may be seen even at lower dosages, it is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to control their daily Kratom intake. 

White Horn Kratom Alkaloid Profile

Horned Kratom, a variation of the Kratom tree Mitragyna speciosa, has a unique level of alkaloids. It is confirmed that this strain has more than 40 different unique alkaloids. 

During the fermentation process, alkaloid structure changes, where molecules create new stable connections. The most dominant of them are mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. However, the presence of another predominant alkaloid, mitraphylline, makes this strain unique and very attractive among seasoned Kratom users as a priceless addition to any Kratom collection.

How Is White Horn Kratom Powder Made

Since this White Strain can be harvested only for a short time, our farmers carefully trim just the green leaves while leaving the branches intact. With this method, the Kratom plant will re-grow its leaves, and the harvest process can be repeated. 

Once the harvest is complete, and impurities are removed, the leaves undergo a fermentation process that happens indoors in sealed, monitored, and well-equipped dark chambers. After a week, half-dried kratom leaves are taken outdoors and placed in the shade.

The first production goal is to ensure that the alkaloid level is stable and balanced, and the second one is to stop further fermentation and thoroughly dry the leaves. 

Once the process is complete, the leaves are pulverized into the smooth emerald green Kratom Powder you are accustomed to and distributed as White Horn Kratom Capsules or White Horn Kratom Powder. 

White Horn is a rare and hard to find strain, but Kratom Now has exclusive partnerships with proven Kratom farmers that produce and harvest this high-quality Kratom. This way, we can guarantee that our customers will always receive pristine product. 

Why Buy White Horn Powder from Kratom Now

We can provide several reasons why you should buy your Kratom from Kratom Now.

  • First, we have a wide selection of products you can choose from. Here you can find strains that no other vendor offers, starting with White Horn Kratom Powder.
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  • Our Kratom is super fresh. Immediately after production, the fresh Kratom is packed in special containers and delivered to our delivery facilities.
  • We work only with trusted farmers to ensure quality Kratom and a regular supply. 
  • You can easily adjust your order according to your needs. We pack Kratom into suitable zip-lock bags, which can vary in size – from 50 grams to 1 kilogram. 
  • Our Kratom is lab tested 9+ times. Each batch of our White Horn Kratom is free of all pollutants. We want to be sure that each customer will receive 100% pure Kratom.
  • We are a certified member of the AKA’s GMP Qualified Vendors list. We voluntarily follow strict rules and regulations that are defined by this association.
  • We do not hide reviews and comments. We prefer a transparent and honest relationship with our customers.
  • And we want to make our customers happy and satisfied. 

We can list even more reasons why we are a perfect match for you, but you can always just put us to the test and leave your review. Place your order today and enjoy White Horn Kratom Now!

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