Green Dragon Kratom Powder


Green Dragon Kratom is a powerful mash-up that will give you heaps of energy and significantly improves your mood. This unique blend is also used to sharpen the mind and improve focus so it’s a good choice for students who have to cram all night for upcoming exams.




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Green Dragon Kratom Origin

Green Dragon isn’t a strain of Kratom that can be found in the wilderness. It’s a Kratom blend that is carefully designed by those who recognised the endless potential of the Kratom plant. To create this mythical blend, White Elephant Kratom is combined with powerful Green Maeng Da, incorporating the unique alkaloid content of each to form something refreshingly new.

The leaves that go into this mixture come from the Indonesian island of Sumatra – some are collected in the wilderness, while others are cultivated on our designated Kratom plots closer to the local farms. 

How Is Green Dragon Powder Made

Green Dragon Powder is a fusion of different leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa tree and its exact composition varies from vendor to vendor, typically depending on the availability of the strains to that vendor. The green strains that are most often used are Green Thai, Green Elephant, and sometimes, due to its high potency – Green Maeng Da.  We, at Kratom Now, strive for the highest quality and consistency.  Therefore, our formula consists of Green Maeng Da Kratom for power and White Elephant Kratom for balance.

Each strain is hand-picked at the most opportune time.  In the case of the White Elephant, that’s early in its lifecycle when levels of the alkaloid mitragynine are at their highest. For Green Maeng Da, the right time for harvest is in the middle of the life cycle, when the two influential alkaloids, mitragynine, and 7-hydroxymitragynine, are most cohesive.  

After harvest, the leaves are carefully examined and thoroughly rinsed before being taken to the drying facilities. When our meticulous on-site scientists have confirmed that leaves are free from all contaminants, they are taken to dark, temperature-regulated rooms, where the leaves stay until all moisture evaporates.

The next step is grinding the leaves into powder and shipping the Green Dragon Kratom to our distribution facilities. From there, we pack it in convenient resealable bags and deliver it directly to your doorstep.  

Green Dragon Kratom Alkaloid Profile And Effects

The alkaloid levels of Green Dragon are quite high due to our combination of two very powerful green vein kratoms. What is unique is the interaction between the two potent alkaloid profiles, giving this Kratom Powder a wide spectrum of mindblowing effects, from strong bursts of energy to improved cognitive functions and maintaining a functional calmness.

Remember, effects depend on how accustomed you are to the Kratom strain and the dose taken.  Always start small and take occasional breaks.

Green Dragon Vs. Green Maeng Da Vs. White Elephant Kratom Powder

Green Dragon Kratom is a unique Kratom blend for productivity.  Naturally, a fan of the blend will be curious about its components and may wish to broaden your collection with these standalones.

Green Maeng Da Kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains from Thailand. The locals use it to help them endure hard labor. Globally, this type of Kratom, when used in smaller doses, is known to provide a strong energy boost and improve concentration.

On the other hand, White Elephant Kratom will improve your mood. Some users have also reported that it helped them increase mindfulness and reduce anxiety.

Is Kratom Now’s Green Dragon Kratom Powder Lab Tested?

Since we are a member of The American Kratom Association and its Good Manufacturing Practice program, our Kratom meets the highest standards in the Kratom industry. All of our products are tested in independent labs and we guarantee that each and every product on our website is free from all contaminants.

Why Should I Buy Green Dragon Powder From Kratom Now

Green Dragon Kratom Powder can be bought at many places, but only Kratom Now brings you the best, high-quality Kratom products directly from our Kratom fields. Many other vendors grow their Kratom in greenhouses across America or in other locations where the Kratom cannot benefit from the rich soil and hot, humid climate of its indigenous land. Kratom Powders and other products obtained from the leaves cultivated in modern greenhouses will never have the same strength and effects as the ones we get directly from our farmers in Southeast Asia. 

We pack Green Dragon in convenient resealable bags that will keep your Kratom fresh. Moreover, our swift and reliable delivery service will ensure all Kratom products you ordered are at your doorstep in 72 hours or it’s free*! 

Order your Green Dragon Powder from Kratom Now today!

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