White Maeng Da vs White Borneo – Understanding The Strains

When looking at different white-veined Kratoms, there are several options, and two of the most popular comparison are the White Maeng Da vs White Borneo Kratom. While the two have many similar properties, they can provide different levels of support. Choosing a vein and strain are based on personal preferences. It can depend on the support you wish to achieve, the reason for their use, or a personal preference. 


This guide will help to show you the difference between these two strains. 

White Maeng Da vs White Borneo

What Is White Maeng Da?

The White Maeng Da strain gets its name based on the vein of Kratom used and the location of where it was grown. White Maeng Da is made using a white-veined Kratom. This particular strain is grown in Thailand and formed using a specialized technique. 


White Maeng Da is known for being a popular variety of Kratom as it is a more potent white vein combined with a popular strain. This gives subtle support. It is also noted as having a light coffee aroma (due to being closely related to the coffee plant) and makes them highly desired.


White Maeng Da is made from harvesting white-veined Kratom. Kratom is the same plant, but the vein color comes from the time it was harvested in the lifecycle. White veined is harvested at the earliest point possible. This provides the leaves with a lighter color and the vein down the middle has a white color. 


The Kratom is washed using fresh water to remove any dirt or debris from the leaves. They are then hung in a cool, dark setting to stop the maturity process and lock in the alkaloid content. The leaves are then stored and dried before being processed. They can be ground into a fine powder, have teas brewed from the leaves, or extract the active ingredients and store in a tincture/extract. 

Exploring The Maeng Da Strains

White Maeng Da is a type of Kratom grown in Thailand. Maeng Da translates from Thai as “pimp” meaning that this particular strain is considered a “pimp grade” or very potent strain. This is due to a high concentration of the alkaloids, mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine which provide the potency. The alkaloids are locked in based on the harvesting process.


This particular strain is made from a grafting technique from the Thai and Indo Kratom trees which created this super strain. It is highly stable, so it isn’t as affected by temperature variations and provides a more potent white variety. This makes Maeng Da the most popular strain of Kratom. 

What Is White Borneo?

White Borneo is another popular strain that is highly sought after. Similar to the White Maeng Da, the White Borneo uses a white-veined Kratom that is grown in Southeast Asia, specifically the Borneo islands. 


White-veined is popular for beginners, and also boasts a strong potency due to its high alkaloid counts combined with the popular Borneo strains. Similar to the Maeng Da, the White Borneo uses a white-veined Kratom. The white-veined is picked early in the lifecycle and dried out of sunlight to stop the maturity process.

Exploring The Borneo Strains

The Borneo strains are the second most popular strain of Kratom. Growing in the Borneo islands in Southeast Asia, this strain thrives in the tropical environment. This could be a reason why it has an earthy aroma that many enjoy. 


Borneo strains are often sought out as they come in white, green, and red to offer a variety to those who enjoy the strain yet want varying support. 

Wrapping Up

White Maeng Da and White Borneo are very popular strains in the kratom industry. They offer more subtle support which is perfect for those who do not want high potency levels. The different strains are based on the techniques that they were made and where they were grown. 


Whether you choose a Maeng Da or Borneo strain is a personal choice based on preferences. Both offer unique benefits to you and can have different support, aromas, and uses. Knowing the differences can help you if you are looking to start, or if you are branching out for variety. 

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